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David Riley

The Endless Further – A Tribute

My dear pen-pal and friend, David Riley, passed from this life Sept. 7, 2018. David ran a buddhist blog The Endless Further , through which we first came into contact several years prior to his passing. The blog vanished a short time after he passed, but I now host a copy of it here: The Endless Further Buddhist Blog – David Riley David’s writing’s were instrumental in my decision to leave the SGI and look for a quieter, more contemplative […]

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The knot of hope

Hope is an important element of the human experience. For many, hope is as essential to the maintenance of our mental well-being as food and water are for our physical survival. The hope of a better tomorrow is what drives many of our thoughts and actions today. In Buddhism, hope is the antithesis of doubt. Hope and doubt relate to many desires, but in Buddhism they primarily relate to our desire to transform suffering into happiness and awakening; in ourselves […]

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Dozen-bo teaches Zennichi-maro

The life of Nichiren Daishonin

This is a brief(ish) chronology of the major events in the life of Nichiren Daishonin (1222 to 1282). This has been created as much as my own study aid as anything else. I hope you find it useful. 1222 (Sixteenth day of the second month) Nichiren Daishonin was, born in the village of Kominato, Awa province (present day Chiba Prefecture), on February 16, 1222. The Daishonin (meaning Great Sage), was born, as he said in Letter from Sado, into a […]

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