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Several months ago I started to write a blog article about Anxiety and Buddhism; how buddhism helped me come to terms with my life-long relationship with anxiety. Each time I sat down to write, by the end of the session it never seemed to conclude in a satisfying way. Forty five thousand words later, and now practicing primarily in the Zen tradition, it has become clear to me that I’m writing something that could go on forever!

It is impossible to offer an absolute description of how to overcome anxiety. History has shown that when people try to offer absolute prescriptions for happiness through doctrine or dogma, spiritual or scientific, then suffering has usually followed. The most I can do is present my own personal views and findings, and hope that there is enough of my heart in the text to make a connection with yours. If such a connection encourages you to look beyond your present boundaries and undergo some kind of revolution, or breakthrough, then this would be the greatest joy.

p.s. I have tried so hard to make sure there are no typos, but without professional proof reading it is unlikely this is perfect. If you see any obvious errors, please let me know.


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