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On Copying the Gohonzon

Is it wrong to copy the Gohonzon Oh boy, where do I start on this one? This topic has fuelled no end of internet flame wars due to people’s inability to step outside of their particular dogma. I think the argument is complex and based on several issues; What is the Gohonzon, specifically How can we disrespect the Gohonzon Who has the right to copy Gohonzon Will a copied Gohonzon work? I chanted at some length over this issue. It […]

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Common Soka Gakkai Myths

Well, the forces of Sansho Shima are upon me – if only I was a better linux administrator, then maybe I’d have finished the job I started 4 hours ago! While I wait for it to complete, I thought I would upload this article I have been thinking about in the past week or so. I’m a member of the SGI in the UK. I have read plenty of criticism of the SGI, and it saddens me deeply. As you […]

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