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Religion should not negate rationality

I have been listening to reports recently of how some mainstream religions are feeling marginalised by “militant secularists”. People are refusing to accept religious overtones in any state facilities. I have to agree with the sentiment that religion and state should not be confused. However, when one considers the gross errors in the teachings of certain religions, it is hardly surprising that people are now rejecting them. Daisaku Ikeda has said: A higher religion does not negate rationality. No religion […]

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The importance of a spirit of gratitude

It’s easy to blame others for where we are in life, but in truth, only we are responsible for where we are and certainly it is we who are solely responsible for our individual futures. I am so saddened when those around me constantly complain about their condition, particularly when they have the means at hand to change their lives entirely. I found this passage from president Ikeda’s New Human Revolution, which I am currently reading, particularly poignant. …those who […]

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Two kinds of faith

In February 1278, The Daishonin wrote a short letter to Nanjo Tokimitsu entitled Two Kinds of Faith. Nanjo Tokimitsu was the steward of Ueno village in Suruga Province. The Daishonin’s relationship with Nanjo Tokimitsu began in 1265 when, upon the death of Nanjo’s father, Nanjo Hyoe Shichiro, the Daishonin had dropped everything to travel from Kamakura to Ueno in the Fuji area so that he could pray over Hyoe Shichiro’s grave. Nanjo Tokimitsu, at the time aged just 7, was […]

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Revealing Buddhahood by example

The limits of my Buddhist wisdom was demonstrated profoundly to me recently when I learned that my grand-daughter had been born with a large cyst in her brain. It wasn’t clear if she was going to suffer from hydrocephalus, but she had a cyst that was approaching the size of a tennis ball in the right of her brain, and my daughter, who had worked for many years in a healthcare, demonstrating compassion and patience on a daily basis, now […]

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