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The hardest woods come from trees that grow slowly

When I first became involved in the SGI I formed the opinion that they were not marketing this Buddhism effectively. Marketing is perhaps not the correct terminology, but in essence, I felt they were not “putting this Buddhism out there” as aggressively as they could. My head was full of Shakabuku – or rather my interpretation of it, and my mind was busy developing plans and schemes to recruit new Buddhists. Later that year, however, during a discussion someone explained […]

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The correct kind of courage

President Ikeda has said, “Courage is the driving force of our lives”. So, what does he mean by this? To what kind of courage does he refer? The driving force he speaks of is when we stand up, and begin challenging those aspects of our life that are not working for the happiness of ourselves and others. Only when we make human happiness our intent can our buddha-state become our dominant life condition – and then, together with our friends and family, […]

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The hell of incessant suffering IS the land of tranquil light

By realising the mystic law inherent in all living beings, we escape the confines of the physical and realise the unlimited potential of the human spirit. Just as the sun dries the newly hatched butterfly’s wings, the compassion and warmth of the Lotus Sutra allows us all to soar from our pitiful cocoons and look out over a landscape of infinite possibilities. The potential for enlightenment exists within all human beings. An ungainly chick has the potential to become a […]

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What would your children think?

At the end of every day ask yourself – have I done all I can today to make a better future for my children? Would my children respect me for what I have done today? There are days when we all feel tired, and need to rest, but to become habitually lazy and feckless is to decay your life force. Nichiren Diashonin once wrote “those who stay long in privies forget how foul the smell is”.

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20 years to receive the Gohonzon

I recently wrote an experience describing some of the life events that lead to me receiving [the] Gohonzon last year (I’ve never been sure people insist on omitting the definite article when referring to the Gohonzon). I originally sent this to my great friend, Jason Jarrett (pictured – me on the right) who had been so instrumental in nurturing my Buddhist faith. He read it out so beautifully in the October 2011 episode of his wonderful abuddhistpodcast. So, a few […]

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Earning respect

Respect cannot be purchased, or achieved through external factors. One can cloth and surround oneself with the trappings of wealth and still be seen a fool. The respect and admiration of others is earned only through striving to connect with people’s hearts, and demonstrating your commitment to improve the lives of those around you.

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The Nichikan SGI Gohonzon Map

In October 2011 I finally received my Gohonzon from the SGI-UK (Soka Gakkai International) – a lay Buddhist organisation dedicated to peace and the creation of value in people’s lives. It took me twenty years for reasons too long to go into here, suffice to say it was a great day. As a little aid to memory, and to help in my study, I have created a printable Gohonzon Diagram of the Nichikan Gohonzon the SGI confers upon members -This […]

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Poem for peace and happiness

This is actually an excerpt from SGI President Ikeda’s Poem –  “Peace—The Foundation for Lasting Human Happiness”. I just thought it so beautifully explained the path of peace and happiness. There is a path that birds follow as they fly through the sky. There is a path that fish follow as they swim through the sea. There is a path that the stars follow as they travel the heavens. And there is a path of principle that human beings should […]

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