Engelbert Humperdinck Eurovision Victory

Engelbert at EurovisionOK, so maybe the UK came second from last. In fact, if you pay any attention to the media then that’s pretty much all you’re going to hear about the UK entry into last night’s Eurovision Song Contest. i.e. Negativity. People like Piers Morgan (who’s interview the Dalai Lama was like watching my dad try to understand a computer manual) who’s negative wit I won’t repeat here predictably do little more than score points off the failure of other’s – behind the faces of such people are “impure” thoughts dominated by strategy and tactic.

However, there’s another story behind this, which is infinitely more important. Engelbert has been around a while – 76 years in fact. He’s had a career in music for longer than I’ve been around full stop. Despite his professional image being questioned by the media he said, ‘I had a great time, a very wonderful time. I hope everyone listened to the song… we shared the song with every generation. I sang it from my heart.’

Pop musicians in recent times have become so utterly precious and egocentric that none of them would dare to put themselves up for a Eurovision failure. Yes, he got exposure from it, and why shouldn’t he – but at least he put his love of performing ahead of his fear of public/media opinion and slander. For him, at least, his behaviour was “pure”. Good on yer Engelbert!




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