Understanding the life state of Anger

Taken from Buddhism Day by Day – that was given to me as a gift from my district on the day I received the Gohonzon.

ANGER is fundamentally an arrogant state of mind. People in the state of anger are attached to the illusory assumption that they are better then others and direct their energy toward sustaining and embracing this image. To ensure that others think of them in similarly glowing terms, they can never reveal their true feelings. Instead, they act obsequiously while a burning desire to surpass all others is their exclusive focus. With their inner feelings and their outward appearance out of accord, they don’t speak from the heart. Buddhism teaches that the heart is the most important. Of two people making comparable efforts, the results will differ greatly if one person is motivated by a value that transcends the self — good, beauty, the well-being (and happiness) of others — while the other is motivated by ego (the self).


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