Religion should not negate rationality

I have been listening to reports recently of how some mainstream religions are feeling marginalised by “militant secularists”. People are refusing to accept religious overtones in any state facilities. I have to agree with the sentiment that religion and state should not be confused. However, when one considers the gross errors in the teachings of certain religions, it is hardly surprising that people are now rejecting them.

Daisaku Ikeda has said:

A higher religion does not negate rationality. No religion that suppresses human reason can earn the trust of humankind. Buddhism, the “religion of wisdom,” is an extremely rational religion. In fact, it is so rational that many Westerners even question whether is can be classified as a religion, since it does not teach the existence of a supreme being in the image of humankind.

I believe what is needed today is a cohesive philosophy for peace and tolerance that will spread from human heart to human heart without the fetters of suppressive dogma – a philosophy that embraces change and discovery.

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